Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Than Teammates

So, I've started to really enjoy watching professional basketball.  Up until I met Lucas I couldn't have cared less about the Portland Trailblazers, but now I'm a huge fan.  I've had the privilege of going to several games now and it's an experience that I can't even describe.  While they may not be the best team in the NBA right now, there is something that I really enjoy about the players on the team and they even say it about themselves, they are "More Than Teammates."

I think that this showed itself last night in particular.  Last night Portland played the Denver Nuggets.  Kurt Thomas (who is the oldest player in the NBA) was in the first half.  Kurt was fighting for a rebound with Kenneth Faried (of the Nuggets) when Faried ended up kicking Kurt in the face!

Kenneth Faried kicking Kurt Thomas in the face!
Kurt ended up leaving the game because he was knocked out by the blow.  So, why am I writing about this?  Watch this video, but pay attention to Wallace (#3), Crawford (#11), Batum (#88) and Aldridge (#12), and how they care for their teammate.

Wallace takes such good care of his teammate!  He sees he's having trouble and rushes to him.  Crawford knows something is not right and starts calling for the Athletic Trainer right away.  LA is the first one to come over and he and Batum are there help Kurt up.

This is something that I don't know that we do a lot as believers together.  We're more than teammates, we're one body, working together, playing this game, fighting this war: we are family, not just teammates.  When one of us gets kicked in the face, we should be there to lift each other back to our feet and be strong in standing up for them when they're not able to stand on their own.

Never knew I could learn so much from watching the NBA!

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